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Coaching accelerates the clients' progress by providing greater focus, revealing blind spots, creating awareness of choice and moving to action. People hire a coach when they are starting a new business, making a career transitions , are re-evaluating their life choices, feel out of balance or simply feeling ready for a personal or professional breakthrough.

Coaching concentrates on getting clients from where they are today to where they want to be tomorrow.

Our Process

When a client establishes a coaching partnership with C Burt & Associates, following a complementary session, a process has already begun that is exciting, challenging and rewarding. Clients receive a Welcome Package that includes articles about coaching, coaching definitions, an agreement statement and, most importantly, a Foundations Questionnaire, so that they can begin thinking about their goals, values, purpose, strengths, blind spots and obstacles.

Discovery(2-3 hours)
The Discovery Session is an in-depth meeting where the coach and client design their alliance in order to identify how the client would like to be coached and their expectations of what the vision of the future could be. From this the coach and client will explore core values, career, education, health, family, friends, recreation, finances, habits, what's working and what's not. They will establish goals for the coaching sessions with strategies, timelines and an initial agenda.
Focus(Optional - Every 6 months)
This is an optional session similar to the Discovery Session where the coach and client redefine the agenda and the coaching alliance. It is a time to acknowledge the client's intent, action and success – time to take stock and celebrate. It is also a time to identify where things have fallen short and redesign commitments.
When it is time to draw the partnership to a close it is important to conclude in such a way that both client and coach feel a sense of completion and that the client has a vision for the future. Similarly, as in the Focus Session, it is time to take stock and celebrate, evaluate and recreate! A Completion Session is either conducted during the final scheduled session or the client may request a longer session, similar to the Focus Session, to complete and create a detailed plan for the future.
Continued Relationship